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How it Works

Minimise Effort

Optimise Results

Professional Guidance

Maximise Price

No Extra Cost

Unbiased Advice

The McKinnon Commercial Property Advocacy Process

MCPA’s proprietary vendor advocacy process has been developed and refined over 10 years with a focus on evidence based research resulting in effective strategies for achieving a successful property sale. It is specific to the Australian commercial property market.

3. Marketing and sale process

We provide guidance and advice throughout the whole marketing and sale process through to settlement. This includes guidance on marketing strategy and advertising budgets, attendance at meetings with prospective agents and consultants, monitoring the agent’s performance and advice on negotiation tactics.

2. Commercial Real Estate Agent selection and management

An important feature of our Vendor Advocacy service is its unique and completely independent and impartial approach to the agent selection process. When choosing an Estate Agent many factors need to be considered.

We provide research and advice resulting in a shortlist of Estate Agents from which a Vendor may select a suitable selling agent.

1. Pre-selling and preparation expertise

MCPA’s process provides guidance on strategies designed to potentially “add value” to your property prior to it being placed on the market. These may vary from a basic tidy up to more involved matters such as land survey, construction works, rezoning of land, enviromental assessment, subdivision analysis and re -negotiation of lease terms and conditions, etc.

If required, we can co-ordinate relevant advisers such as Town Planners, Accountants, Valuers, Solicitors, Surveyors, Tradespeople and other Consultants. We are happy to work with your own advisers and consultants. We have experience in working with and supporting your internal property related employees.

The MCPA Process

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