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McKinnon Commercial Property Advocates advise and protect the Vendor , Purchaser or Tenant when undertaking a property transaction.

MCPA specialise in Australian Commercial Property Vendor Advocacy. We offer an efficient and impartial service to industrial, commercial and retail property vendors that saves you time while enhancing the potential proceeds of your commercial property sale, for no additional cost, in a completely transparent process.

We simplify the whole property preparation and sale process by providing truly independent advice.

MCPA’s proprietary process assists you in the selection of a suitable agent to market and sell your commercial property. It advises you on preparing your property for sale, whilst minimising your time and effort.

We can assist you if your commercial investment property is currently under management.

McKinnon Commercial Property Advocates (MCPA) are suitably qualified property experts who assist a vendor during the property sale process.

The McKinnon Property Advantage

specific to commercial property


designed to look after your best interests

A service philosophy

and a reputation of integrity within the property industry


No additional cost

Evidence based logic

to assist in your decision making

Totally independent

and therefore unbiased advice
because our fees are derived from a percentage of the agents sales commission in a completely transparent process 

Our Vendor Advocate process

Anyone considering the sale of commercial property can benefit from our vendor advocacy services, from a small investor to companies divesting themselves of a property asset.

Commercial property includes but is not limited to industrial and retail property including shops, office buildings, warehouses, service stations, showrooms, factories, and development sites.

Who can benefit?

  • Assists you in selecting an Estate Agent to market and sell your property
  • Provides you with guidance on the preparation and presentation of you property.
  • Helps facilitate the marketing and sale process. 
  • Helps you stay in control
  • Regularly updates you on the sales campaign as it progresses.
  • Is at no additional cost to you because our fees are derived from a percentage of the agents sales commission in a completely transparent process  

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